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Megabus Part Deux - 8 Days, 8 Cities, 60+ Miles Running

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Iowa Gamma - Iowa State University

Mr. Steve Good

104 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $8,450.00
Achieved: $8,791.80

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Last year, from February 23 - March 1, I ran 60+ miles over the course of eight days in eight states and traveled via Megabus.  I had an absolute blast.  It sparked something for me, and I've kept my journey going through others via Because it was such a great experience, I've decided to do it again. I'll be taking a different route (Fort Dodge (IA), Chicago, Nashville, Memphis, Oxford (MS), Birmingham, Atlanta, Athens (GA)), but I expect it to be just as fun to explore, meet up with friends, and do a little good in the process.

I will once again be raising funds for Phi Delta Theta's Iron Phi program, and I have a goal of $1,825 bringing my total to just under $8,500. Fifty percent of the dollars raised will be donated to The ALS Association to fight Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS research).  ALS is an awful disease and one that we Phi Delts want to help erradicate. The other 50% of the dollars raised will support the Phi Delta Theta Foundation, an organization that has provided me with great experiences, opportunties, core values, and friends.

To celebrate the generosity of those who donate, I'm brining back the scavenger hunt approach. Below is a list of all eight cities and the landmarks I will be passing on my routes. You can "purchase" any amount of the route stops below. In return, you'll get a picture of me with a personalized thank you sign that recognizes you in front of that landmark. I will be blogging throughout the week and my posts will include the pictues thanking donors. Runner's choice ($10) stops are yet to be determined, but I will have a lot of fun with these. Make sure to include which landmark(s) you want to "purchase" when you make your donation. I will then update this page.

You can make a donation on this page by clicking on the "Make a Gift" link below the thermometer. You can also send a check made out to Iron Phi to me at 2415 Clayton Drive, Ames, IA 50010 if you'd rather donate that way.

Saturday, March 2
Fort Dodge, Iowa (My Hometown!!): A Homecoming of Sorts - 7.5 Miles
Running with Blake Utley & Ryan Takatsuka

  1. Fort Dodge Senior High School - Amanda (Good) Buechler
  2. Dodger Stadium - Brad & Lindsay Klein
  3. Fair Oaks Middle School - Nicole Ahrens
  4. Phillips Middle School - Mindy Christensen
  5. Expo Pool - Mindy Christensen
  6. Feelhaver Elementary - Don & Anne Davidson
  7. Home - 1718 N. 14th St. - Bill & Lindy & Anne Good
  8. Harlan Rogers Sports Complex - Rob & Julie Waltz
  9. Taco Tico - Mindy Christensen
  10. Runner's Choice - Don & Anne Davidson
  11. Runner's Choice - Roger & Paula Griffith

Megabus to Chicago

Sunday, March 3
Chicago, Illinois: Bearing the Cold - 6.7 Miles
Running with Andy Tomka

  1. Soldier Field - The Robles Family
  2. Chicago Board of Trade - Adam & Lindsey Good
  3. Willis Tower - Andy Tomka
  4. United Center - Matt & Jessi Good
  5. Wrigley Building - Allan Hammell
  6. Chicago Tribune Tower - Riley Smith
  7. Runner's Choice - Matt & Jessi Good
  8. Runner's Choice - Colin Hueser
  9. Runner's Choice - Jason, Michael, Nancy Brannon
  10. Runner's Choice - Don & Anne Davidson

Megabus to Nashville

Monday, March 4
Nashville, Tennessee: Music City Miles -  6.8 Miles
Running with Nolan Pattee

  1. LP Field - Sean & Michelle Wagner
  2. State Capitol - Drew Miller
  3. Ryman Auditorium - Tom & Colleen Good
  4. Country Music Hall of Fame - Todd & Candice Thomas
  5. Music Row - DeMarkco Butler
  6. Belmont University - Alex Stefanic
  7. Vanderbilt University - Scott Mietchen
  8. Parthenon - Neil & Suzanne Alexander
  9. Runner's Choice - John & Kimmy Talcott
  10. Runner's Choice - Don & Anne Davidson
  11. Runner's Choice - Adam & Lindsey Good

Megabus to Memphis

Tuesday, March 5
Memphis, Tennessee: All Jazzed Up -  9.4 Miles
Running with Ben Boden

  1. Liberty Bowl - Jonathan Hernandez
  2. Memphis Zoo - Randy & Lori Good
  3. Sun Studio - Leigh Thiedeman
  4. Beale Street - Neil & Suzanne Alexander
  5. National Civil Rights Museum - DeMarkco Butler
  6. Orpheum Theatre - Ben Boden
  7. Peabody Hotel - Tom & Colleen Good
  8. St. Jude Childrens Hospital - Fred Reimer
  9. Graceland - Geoff Wood
  10. Runner's Choice - Don & Anne Davidson
  11. Runner's Choice - Kyle Schilling
  12. Runner's Choice - Adam & Lindsey Good

Travel to Oxford, MS

Wednesday, March 6
Oxford, Mississippi: A Visit With The Dean - 5.4 Miles
Running with Bret Beauchamp & Charlie Cascio

  1. Rowan Oak - Luke Benfield
  2. Bailey's Woods Trail - Sparky Reardon
  3. Vaught-Hemingway Stadium - Jason, Michael, Nancy Brannon
  4. Phi Delta Theta House - The Brothers of MS Alpha
  5. Sorority Row - Sparky Reardon
  6. The Grove - Moe Stephens
  7. The Lyceum - Sparky Reardon
  8. Oxford Square - Sparky Reardon
  9. Runner's Choice - Kelly Derickson
  10. Runner's Choice - Don & Anne Davidson

Travel to Birmingham

Thursday, March 7
Birmingham, Alabama: Magic City Miles - 8.1 Miles
Running with Lynn Chapman

  1. Vulcan Park - Rob & Julie Waltz
  2. Birmingham Civil Rights Museum - Tyler Cronk
  3. Good People Brewery - Matt & Jessi Good
  4. Rickwood Field - Tom & Colleen Good
  5. The Storyteller Statue - Ross Roti
  6. Alabama Theatre - Haley Abel
  7. Southeasetern Conference (SEC) Headquarters - Mario Villa
  8. Runner's Choice - Rob Pasquinucci
  9. Runner's Choice - Todd & Candice Thomas
  10. Runner's Choice - Don & Anne Davidson
  11. Runner's Choice - Bronk & Jessica Harms

Megabus to Atlanta

Friday, March 8
Atlanta, Georgia: Haulin' Around Hotlanta -  8.0 Miles
Running with Jeremy Sale

  1. Turner Field - Ernie Chan
  2. State Capital - Drew Miller
  3. MLK National Historic Site - Steve Huang
  4. CNN Headquarters - Chris Yow
  5. Georgia Dome - Keith Wysocki
  6. Centennial Park (Olympics) - Neil & Suzanne Alexander
  7. Coca-Cola Headquarters - Jeremy Sale
  8. Georgia Tech - Jonathan Rogowski
  9. Runner's Choice - Tom & Colleen Good
  10. Runner's Choice - Don & Anne Davidson

Saturday, March 9
Athens, Georgia: The Search For UGA and the Iron Horse - 11.2 Miles
Running with Jeremy Sale

Megabus to Athens

  1. Iron Horse Statue - Michael Hyatt
  2. Sanford Stadium - Randy & Lori Good
  3. 40 Watt Club - Todd & Candice Thomas
  4. The Double- Barreled Cannon - Haley Abel
  5. The Tree That Owns Itself - Brent Rauch
  6. With UGA (I will attempt to find the real one) - Joe & Sarah Wechsler
  7. University of Georgia Arch - Marc & Jennifer Mores
  8. Runner's Choice - Jon & Ellen Collier
  9. Runner's Choice - Mario Villa
  10. Runner's Choice - Don & Anne Davidson

I hope that you'll share this incredible adventure by supporting me in my journey.  Your donations will be put to great use, helping to find a cure for ALS and helping college-aged men become the greatest version of themselves.
Thank you in advance for your generosity!


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